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Remote Support Services

Many computer repair and support services can be done remotely without the hassle of bringing your equipment to a shop for repair and without the need of a technician visiting your home or office. Regular computer maintenance such as cleanups and defragmentation can be done remotely. Computer problems that do not involve the system hardware can often be repaired by remote as well.

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Remote Support Services
Here’s how remote service works: First you call us and discuss the issue with a technician. If the issue is such that can be repaired remotely, then the technician directs you to our remote access site that allows him or her access to your computer (a technician cannot gain access to your computer without your permission). Once connected, the technician performs a diagnostic to determine the exact issue and then takes steps to remedy it. The whole process is significantly less time consuming than a traditional service call or in-store repair.

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Many computer service tasks can be performed remotely:
  • Software updates
  • Windows maintenance
  • Infection discovery and removal
  • Operating system updates
  • Computer tune-ups
There are many online services that offer remote computer repair. Why choose us?
  • We are professional and experienced.
  • We are local, so you may at any time visit our store and meet the people who help your computer.
  • If your computer problem cannot be solved remotely you will be able to bring it to our store or schedule a service call.
  • We have a reputation for outstanding service.